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Ancestry and Personal Facts Test 

Do you ever wonder where your ancestors came from?

Wonder no more.


 The Ancestry and Personal Facts Test 
will help you

All we'll need is a simple mouth swab.

The Ancestry component offers you:

- A unique glimpse into your DEEP ancestral heritage: we can determine where your ancestors came from, many thousands of years back in time.

- A map of the ethnic and geographic origins of YOUR paternal and maternal lines,  and how they migrated throughout the world.

-confirmation of family history and traditions and to provide a greater sense of identity.

Trace your ancestors journey over time.

"This world is an enormous place,

but in many ways it's smaller than you think"


              BUT your Ancestry DNA results

                are only the beginning...



In the Personal Facts component we examine several markers in your DNA that will be of interest to you, which are relevant and informative, so that you will be able to make better  lifestyle choices.



We will be able to answer questions such as,

My father is bald.... but, will I also go bald?


...that "one last drink
could it lead to me becoming an Alcoholic ?


...some other traits which we test for include:

"What   earwax   and    body odour type am I ?"


"Which Blood Group am I?"

         "why am I still tired after drinking coffee?"     

and more...

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