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 From the amateur to the professional level - you can  now be tested for for detailed information about your FITNESS and SPORT profile. This can be used to optimize training regimes as well as your personal injury risk profile. This will be greatly beneficial to the individual, coach as well as nutritionists.

We will be able to answer questions like:


"Are you incorporating both POWER
and ENDURANCE in your
training routine?"


“Do you achieve the maximum benefit

from your time spent training?”

“Are you giving yourself enough recovery

time to ensure optimal performance?

 Genetic testing in Sport 

​Who this test for?

The effectiveness of training and sporting performance is affected by several DNA factors, and with our DNA Sports Test we can pinpoint these. We can help personalise a training strategy that that identifies the right lifestyle, nutritional and exercise plans, to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

a) Sport training at all levels: from beginners to PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES

c) Coaches/trainers, nutritionists and physicians will be able to use data to optimize nutrition and training plans.


The Fitness and Wellness Tests looks at DNA markers for:

  • Endurance/aerobic capacity

  • Power/strength potential

  • Structural integrity of bones and soft tissues

  • Inflammation & oxidative stress indicators for recovery 

  • Blood flow & respiration

  • Energy during exercise

  • Fuel during exercise

  • Caffeine metabolism

  • Muscle and bone composition

Get your




We have two amazing deals based on your PERSONAL need


Sport Test for ONLY R2000

  • Nutrition Test for ONLY R1500

  • Combo Package Test for an ASTOUNDING R2500 

Personal Trainer

  • R 250 p/h

  • 12 Week Program including Training and Diet for Only R 1600

​Get All-In-One with a Personal Trainer!!!

  • Sport Test - R 2600

  • Sports, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Package - R 3100

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